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Mayor: Kirk Walters

Councillors: Boni Brucks
                    Wendy Besser

Village Foreman: Warren Peters

Population (as of 2016): 285

Amenities: School, Churches, Grocery Store, Arboretum, Gas Station, Garage, Hair Salon, Hotel/Bar, Senior Citizens Centre, Arena, Curling Rink, Museum

Click HERE to see the Village of Laird Profile.

Click HERE to see the Transfer Station Hours, Fees and Rules.

Click HERE to see the 2021 Loraas Waste and Recycle Collection Schedule.

Click HERE to see what you can and cannot put in your recycle bins.

View the 2019 Village of Laird Financial Statements

View the 2016 Village of Laird Waterworks Financial Overview

View the 2019 Annual Notice of Drinking Water Quality and Compliance

View information about and the application form for the 2015 Village of Laird Building Bylaws

View the Updated Animal Bylaw


Village Policies

View the Village Harassment Policy

View the Used Needle Policy

View the Office Fees Rate Policy

View the Utility Connection/Repair Policy

View the Driveway Clearing Policy

View the Snow Removal Policy and a printable copy of the Snow Removal Agreement

View the Custom Work Policy and a printable copy of the Custom Work Agreement

View the Complaint Policy

View the New Utility Hookup Policy

View the Sewer Backup Policy

View the Council Code of Ethics

View the Employee Code of Conduct


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